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Project management

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 Shaanxi Zhongsheng Construction Investment Management Co., LTD

        Founded in 2002, Shaanxi Zhongsheng Construction Investment Management Co., Ltd. was acquired by Shaanxi Environmental Protection Industry Group in February 2015。The company is the first batch of environmental supervision enterprises registered by the Shaanxi Provincial Environmental Protection Department, and the participating units of the environmental supervision technical specifications for construction projects in Shaanxi Province。The company is mainly engaged in construction project environmental supervision and environmental protection consulting, municipal public works and housing construction engineering supervision, engineering bidding agency and other businesses。
       Since the establishment of the company,Always adhere to first-class quality to build first-class brand,Successively undertook the national "West-East Gas Transmission" and "China-Myanmar Natural Gas Pipeline",There are more than 200 key projects and other projects in the province, such as "Han Jiwei" and "Beiyuan Chemical Industry",He has also undertaken environmental supervision training tasks for the evaluation center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, environmental protection systems inside and outside the province, petrochina and Sinopec, as well as environmental supervision technology and policy exchange tasks。The company has set up a branch in Qinghai, and established a business cooperation mechanism in Henan, Hebei, Qinghai, Xinjiang and other provinces. The business has involved 9 provinces, regions and cities across the country, and has become a leading enterprise in the national environmental supervision industry。The company is willing to work with peers from all walks of life in the country to make greater contributions to promoting the scientific development of environmental supervision industry of construction projects and the construction of beautiful China。

Bidding department
       The bidding department of the company relies on the establishment and qualification of Shaanxi Zhongsheng Construction Investment Management Co., LTD. The group company has set up a bidding management office, and the two parties jointly implement the management of bidding agency business. The department is the implementation subject of the group company specializing in bidding agency business。
Since the launch of the bidding agency business, we have always been committed to building a leading professional bidding agency service company in the field of ecological and environmental protection in Shaanxi and even Northwest China, with the qualifications and technical strength of bidding agents in many industries such as ecology, environmental protection, housing construction, industry, water conservancy, transportation, municipal and government procurement。In order to improve service quality and build a first-class service team, the company pays attention to business training, strengthens technical exchanges and discussions, and establishes a sound management system, technical system and quality control system。Has successfully acted for "Shaanxi New energy Shenmu calcium carbide slag plant equipment procurement", "Yulin Yusheng Industrial Park mine water treatment project" and other more than 40 projects bidding procurement services。With rigorous, patient, meticulous and professional service spirit won the owner's praise。
        The company solemnly promises: "100% service commitment rate, 100% customer service satisfaction rate, 100% timely service rate" as the quality goal, dedicated to provide owners with scientific, rigorous, high quality, efficient, warm and thoughtful service。
Your trust is the bounden responsibility of Zhongsheng people;Your satisfaction is the ultimate goal of Zhongsheng people's unremitting struggle!
        Look forward to;With your sincere cooperation!