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    Ecological company to become a high performance team leader course training[2023-12-26]
    On December 22, Eco-Company launched the training course to become a high performance team leader。 The training invited management psychology lecturer, senior enterprise trainer of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, national second-level psychological consultant, Shaanxi Vocational school public course lecturer Chang Fengyuan teacher into...
    The General branch of the Party of the ecological company carried out the party class activities of the secretary[2023-12-20]
    On December 18, the secretary of the General Party Branch of the ecological Company focused on strengthening style construction, strengthening responsibility, and promoting work implementation, and gave a vivid style construction thematic party lesson for the majority of Party members and cadres。 Party lessons focus on prominent problems and effectively enhance the construction of style...
    The general branch of the ecological company held a general meeting of party members for a new election[2023-12-20]
    On December 18, the General branch of the ecological company held a party member conference and elected the first committee of the General branch of the Ecological Company。 In the solemn "national Anthem" sound, the General assembly of Party members of the ecological company branch was officially opened, and the meeting reviewed and approved the Party branch of the ecological company in 2023...
    Ecological company successfully won the bid for 51.41 million yuan abandoned mine pollution remediation project[2023-12-18]
    Answer with hard work and hand in the paper with actual performance。Recently, the construction company of the ecological company successfully won the bid for the pollution treatment project of the abandoned mine in the second industrial area of the sulfur mine in Baihe County, with the bid amount of more than 51.41 million yuan。The project is expected to restore 28,395 ecological areas.2㎡...
    Ecological company and China Construction eighth Bureau of Northwest Infrastructure company discussion exchange[2023-12-18]
    On December 12, Yan Li, secretary of the Party General Branch and general manager of Northwest Infrastructure Company of China Construction Eighth Bureau, and his delegation went to the ecological company for a discussion. Qi Shan, Minister of Enterprise Management Department of the Group company, and Nie Honglin, chairman of the Ecological Company attended the meeting。 At the meeting, the two sides introduced the general situation of the enterprise and the economy...
    Ecological company to learn and implement the main leaders of the provincial SASAC group research forum spirit[2023-12-05]
    On December 4, the ecological company held a special meeting to study and implement the spirit of the research symposium and special meeting of the group by the main leaders of the provincial SASAC。 The meeting required, first, a clear understanding of the situation and enhance confidence。It is necessary to have a clear understanding of the current situation and enhance the overall concept and awareness...
    Ecological company to carry out "deployment training and potential development" course training[2023-10-30]
    On October 26, the ecological company launched a training course on deployment and potential development。 The training invited staff management expert, middle-level cadre training expert, Xi 'an Jiaotong University School of Management visiting professor Kou Hongyang to give a lecture。The course focuses on management...
    Ecological company held after the National Day holiday and key work deployment meeting[2023-10-24]
    On October 7, the ecological company held a post-holiday retreat and key work deployment meeting to listen to the recent progress of work and arrange the deployment of key work in the fourth quarter。 The meeting pointed out that the fourth quarter is a key node in the sprint of the annual task, do a good job in the fourth quarter of the work, the real...
    Ecological company held 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day before the education warning meeting[2023-10-24]
    In order to further strictly implement the work requirements of the construction of Party style and clean government, constantly enhance the awareness of honesty and self-discipline of party members, cadres and employees, and create a festival atmosphere of clean and clean air。On September 28, the Party branch of the ecological company organized party members and cadres to hold warning education before the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day at home...
    Have a "political birthday" to recall the original heart[2023-10-24]
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