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Ecological company to carry out the "Tiger Year Lantern Festival gathering" activities

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2022-02-15 14:43 Number of readings:


      How can we celebrate the Lantern Festival without guessing riddles?On February 15, the ecological company trade union held the "Year of the Tiger Lantern Festival gathering" online riddle contest theme activity。

In this activity, a small program of lantern riddles will be released through the online wechat group. A total of 20 lantern riddles will be released, and the comprehensive ranking will be made according to the answer scores and time of the answer system background. The top 10 players in the comprehensive ranking will win。The vast number of cadres and workers actively participate in the riddle, the riddle content is extensive, the riddle is all-encompassing, the riddle is interesting, both entertaining and informative。Everyone was attracted by the riddles full of fun, one by one careful consideration, serious thinking, the scene atmosphere warm and warm, laughter and laughter。

Through this activity, not only enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, create a happy, festive, civilized, harmonious holiday atmosphere, so that employees can really feel the thick holiday atmosphere and the unique charm of Chinese excellent traditional culture, enhance the cohesion of the company, but also inspire the enthusiasm of the majority of employees。(Seo Ja-ge)